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Sword Store Blog: February 2014

Friday, February 28, 2014

Lots, and lots (and lots) going on!

Looks like the knights have been at it again - has been a rather busy day as the store starts getting some additional features and upgrades..

And speaking of features and upgrades..

Batch 23 of the SBG custom Katana has just had a last minute burst of new options for the elite themed sets (from the previous runs of version 3.0, we are confident it can handle this expansion without breaking a sweat - and YOU guys get access to some additional unique, top quality designs that - who knows - one of which might be the exact thing you were hoping for..

Anyway, check it all out here - the next few days will see a few more changes occur here and there but don't worry if the furniture moves a bit here and there, the store remains 100% secure at all times!!!

Talk to all of you again soon.

- Paul