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Sword Store Blog: January 2012

Saturday, January 14, 2012

"Instant" SBG Custom Katana? Kind of...

Sometimes customers of the SBG custom Katana, having waiting 3 months or more for their personalized design or having decided so at the start, decide not to actually use these blades to the full potential of the cutters that they are.

This fantastic photo sent in by one of the batch 17 custom Katana shows that many are intended for functional art or display swords (real swords behind glass, a LOT different than a purely decorative sword as any serious collector knows).

The customer that sent me this photo asked me about the other recent SBG made blades available ex stock, the blinged up SBG prototypes - but these swords again are just a little too nice to just use as a daily cutter.

So I am pleased to offer him and everyone else a solution.

It's been on ice for a few months as I didn't feel comfortable releasing it until batch 17 was wrapped up properly and batch 18 well underway - but here it is now:


The SBG "Black Dragon" Katana - a basic SBG custom Katana based on a popular design configuration, premade and in stock!

This basic design first appeared in the SBG custom Katana gallery, and since then has proven very popular - with at least 2-3 orders with every batch (and quite a few more that are similar). No real surprise actually, as they are some of the coolest fitting sets on offer.

Basically, it is a 28" blade available with or without bo-hi with P2 brass Dragon tsuba, C10 Dragon fittings and all black ito wrap/rayskin plus a black glossy saya.

Rather than explain it all again here simply click the link below to read the full story.

SBG Black Dragon Information

Hope you like them!

- Paul

Saturday, January 7, 2012

A few tweaks and changes

Just a very quick post, over the next few days and weeks there will be a few minor cosmetic changes to the store as I try to streamline a few informational pages and make some critical information easier to find.

Quite a few new products are about to be released for the FIRST TIME on the site over the next few days and weeks, so to say its exciting (and rather busy) is an understatement.

Don't worry though, everything being done is purely cosmetic and in no way effects the functionality of the store.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know what is going on - get ready, the next update should be a very exciting one indeed..!

- Paul

Monday, January 2, 2012

Happy New Year!

Hi everyone, hope you enjoyed the New Year celebrations and here's to a happy and healthy year in 2012!

Quite a bit going on at the moment (and lots more in store for 2012!) but a couple of immediately newsworthy things..


Firstly, you may have noticed a brand new line has been added to the SBG Sword Store - the Ronin Katana Dojo Line

While the Dojo Pro series uses 1060 carbon steel blades, the Dojo line is a 'budget' version that uses 1045 - but unlike most other 1045 carbon steel swords these 'Dotanuki' style blades are thick and extremely well tempered, resulting in a blade that could easily be mistaken for 1060 (indeed, a dishonest seller could easily pass them off as such and only a handful of experts would be able to tell the difference!).

Anyway, there are 5 designs in this series - 2 traditional ones, and 3 somewhat 'anime' themed swords including 2 with Shinobi/Ninja themed fittings as shown below:

Ronin "Miyamoto" Dojo Katana

Ronin "Okinawa" Dojo Katana

Ronin "O-Suzumebachi" Dojo Katana

Ronin "Black Shinobi" Dojo Katana

Ronin "Red Shibobi" Dojo Katana

All of these designs are available at a super low price of just US$174.99 with FREE shipping in the USA and come with a 7 day inspection period. As far as value for money goes, it honestly doesn't get much better than this and I am proud to be able to exclsively offer you these designs.


In other sword store news, the Cheness warehouse will be closing down for a company holiday for three weeks over the Lunar New Year holiday period, so the last chance to get an order in and shipped is really either by today or Thursday at the absolute latest, with all orders coming im after this time shipping after the 1st of February. So if you want to get a Cheness sword before the warehouse closes, NOW is definitely the time to do so..!

That's it for now, though stay tuned - there is a lot going on behind the scenes at the moment and 2012 will see several long term SBG projects that we have been planning come to fruition!

Talk to you all again soon.

- Paul