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Sword Store Blog: January 2013

Monday, January 28, 2013

New Katana Customization Service Coming VERY soon!

Hi everyone,

Update time - and LOTS going on at the moment. Project X in stock sales are about to begin any moment now (the swords have all landed, been inspected and are basically ready) - the only thing I am waiting on is to complete some listings for a brand new service coming to SBG...

It's in it's infancy, and you will see it on the site literally ANY time now (just doing the final testing to make sure that it will work the way it is supposed to). So stay tuned - it's not going to be cheap as it is a premium service (our customizer is an experienced Japanese Sword Art Sensei based out of Oregon), but it WILL open up a world of options for our customers like never before!

The full skinny will be revealed in the February edition of our online magazine the Sword Buyers Digest due to come out early in the morning of the 1st of Feb, so if you haven't already I suggest you subscribe!

In the meantime, just wanted to add that Cheness orders will face a shipping lag from now until after the 8th of February as they are taking some time off for Chinese/Lunar New Year (2013 is the year of the snake) - so while you can still place orders for their products they will not ship until around tuesday the 12th.

Got to get back into the fray so talk to you all again soon!

- Paul

Friday, January 4, 2013

Catching Up after the Holidays

Well, the holidays are finally over - it has been a fairly frustrating time to be honest as most of our affiliated shippers and warehouses closed down between Christmas and today, but the vast majority of orders have been shipped by now and by next week things should be completely back to normal.

I should have taken some time off over the period as with all our warehouses closed there was not a lot I could do other than to field emails and concerns. But it is a relief to finally be more or less on top of things, though there are still some bits and pieces that I am trying to get to over the weekend.

With all this activity, I have not been able to post about some new additions to the store - most notably a new special deal by Valiant Armory on their base model Norwich Falchion pictured below:

This Angus Trim designed blade is a SERIOUS medieval cutter, and normally sells for $360 - but is now on closeout, down from $288 to a ridiculous $216 with FREE SHIPPING in the USA and Canada.

Also in the HOT SPECIALS section of the store I am pleased to say that the special Raptor Offer is back - it's been offered a couple of times in the past but you never can tell how long it will last or when the next time (or even if there will be a next time) will be..

I'll be posting again soon as in between the utter Chaos of the Christmas holiday season we have been working hard on some new Projects, as well as preparing for the first release of the Project X in stock landed swords - more on this again soon!

- Paul