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Sword Store Blog: August 2012

Thursday, August 30, 2012

Quick Update

Ok, quick overall update time - as I have a fair bit of ground to cover I'll break this update up into several sections, starting with:


Project X closed off around 24 hours ago and formatting the pre-orders and getting the final production information out to the Master Smiths accordingly. Sorry to everyone who is asking if they can get a pre-order in now, at this stage of the game it is a little bit late, but don't worry - you'll get another chance when the swords come in sometime in Jan/Feb (sure, the pre-orders get the best pick - but we are making enough swords - made by the RIGHT people - that even the worst of them would still be an incredible buy. And if there are any that come in with any flaws, we will offer them at reduced price respectively).

Updates will be sent via email to pre-order customers, but you can also stay abreast of the project by signing up to the Project X newsletter here.


With the end of August looming, the Hanwei Raptor special has sold out and been replaced by the Hattori folded model 2202 Katana, back by popular demand.

Check them out here.


I will post a proper update shortly on the dedicated blog, but just wanted to keep the stragglers from batch 19 in the loop. Customs finally released all but 10 of the swords and my agent is feverishly inspecting them and shipping as fast as possible without messing it up (after all, after waiting a month extra it would be a disaster to send the wrong sword out just because we are trying to make up for time).


Held back due to the backlog of the SBG Custom Katana in batch 19, we have been sitting on a quantity of Black Dragon Katana - the famous 'all black' design that out of all the possible variations of the SBG Custom Katana appeared time and time again as a popular combination (take one look at it and I think you can see why)..

Shipping may be slightly delayed as my agent concentrates on shipping out those stragglers from batch 19, but we should be fully caught up by next week. Check them out here.

I think that's about it for the time being, as always any questions send me an email and I'll get back to you as quickly as I can.

- Paul

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Project X Pre-orders closing shortly

Just a very quick post to let everyone who is interested that we are about to close off on accepting pre-orders for project X - likely within the next 24-48 hours. Due to the price and the wait time, this project clearly isn't for everyone - but for those patient few who know just how much of a revolutionary deal this is - this is the last call before we close off and submit the orders and the payment to the master smiths.

I'll post again when we close off so talk again very soon.

- Paul

Friday, August 17, 2012

It's Official...

...Project X is now GO!

Check out the first two models here, model 001:

And 002:

Need I say more? Visit the Project X page for more details!

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Restocked and good to go

Hi everyone,

The restock of our Cheness Cutlery and Ronin Katana lines seemed to take forever to come in, but I am pleased to advise that as of yesterday both lines have been fully stocked and are good to go (Cheness came in last week, but Ronin - which was originally scheduled for mid July took until August the 7th! But these things do happen when importing swords in large numbers).

A few quick notes on the Ronin restock - models 4 and 5 have been swapped around, i.e. the model formerly known as model 4 is now model 5 and model 5 is now model 4. The product names are the same, and there are no other changes, but I thought I should mention it to try and diffuse any possible confusion (though probably it has had the opposite result! No need to worry though, it's really just an internal logistical thing anyway).

Also, stock levels on two models - the exceptionally popular Ko Katana and the model 4 (previously the model 5, argh - well, THIS one) - are not enough to last very long, so if you want to get hold of these you really do need to act fast.

Finally, they have also brought back the woodland themed 'Morinokami' sword (model 13) shown below:

So anyway, good to see that for the most part the store is pretty well stocked at the moment - and it is about to get a lot more interesting as the Prototypes for Project X are also in and being inspected, checked and photographed. So stay tuned, more news on this VERY soon..!

- Paul